Office Transformation and Amenities

Check it out – the Westfall Orthodontics location in Bristol just got a makeover, and we’re so excited to share the changes with you! After six months of renovations, this state-of-the-art facility is set to open with loads of perks, from semi-private rooms to 3D printing technology – so no matter what we’re doing for your smile, it’ll be quite the experience. Keep reading to learn more about the office transformation and amenities that will make your next orthodontic appointment that much more comfortable!

Modern Design & Technology

At Westfall Orthodontics, we believe the place you receive treatment should be just as modern and efficient as the tools we use to give you the smile of your dreams. We stripped the entire building down to the studs to create a fresh look with all new infrastructure. By visiting this updated facility, you’ll love the comforts that our Bristol location has to offer. 


Our sleek and chic design reflects the quality of treatment you’ll receive from the Westfall Orthodontics team. With a perfect mix of professionality and comfort, the bright and airy atmosphere, exposed brick, and warm lighting give our office a boutique feel that our patients are sure to love. 

Private Rooms

Most orthodontic offices have communal appointment rooms with chairs in big groups, meaning you’ll spend your visit alongside other patients. However, not everyone likes the public environment, so we designed our new office with you in mind. 

Our semi-private rooms make treatment more confidential and comfortable. Plus, we allow you to bring your whole family to the appointment with you and sitting in a semi-private room with your support team at your side means enjoying total privacy away from other patients. 

Office Transformation and AmenitiesAdvanced Technology

Every modern orthodontic office should be up to par in terms of technology, and our new Bristol location has everything we need to make your treatment experience top-notch. To start, there’s no need to worry about goopy, gaggy impressions anymore. With our iTero digital scanners, we can quickly scan your smile, develop a 3D image of your teeth, and create a full treatment plan without the need for traditional impressions. 

Speaking of 3D, our 3D printers have changed the orthodontic game! This technology allows us to produce our in-house retainers in our very own lab! Plus, they make it possible to provide same-day treatment for patients who are eager to start their straight smile journeys on the day of their consultations. 

Our new office also comes with top-of-the-line sterilization equipment to ensure that our tools stay healthy and clean between appointments. 

All the Amenities

What is a brand-new office without brand-new amenities? You’ve already learned about our semi-private rooms and treatment equipment, but with the renovations complete, there is so much more on the table to explore. The new office was designed with your experience in mind, after all, so we can’t wait to share all the perks with you. 

Consultation Rooms

Not only did we add semi-private rooms, but we also upgraded our open treatment bay with new dental chairs and built-in benches for parent, spouse, or friend seating. Each room has a large TV screen that Dr. Westfall will use to show you your treatment plan and X-rays so you know what your treatment entails, just like he does. 

Waiting Room

Boring magazines are out because we’re upping the waiting room experience! Now, our waiting room has comfortable seating, refreshments, and plenty of activities to keep you or your child occupied before your appointment begins.

For the kids, we have a brand-new kids’ room with plenty of fun toys, books, and games that will keep them entertained. We also have a 7 & Up Kids Club area complete with a prize wheel, treasure chest, and vault filled with lots of prizes for lucky winners. 

Coffee & Hot Chocolate Bar

Free drinks? Yes, please! Our new coffee and hot chocolate bar comes stocked with everything you need to make the perfect drink while you wait. We’ve got whipped cream, chocolate, sprinkles, mocha, and caramel toppings for patients and parents alike to enjoy. 

Office Transformation and AmenitiesNew Office, Same Great Treatment

There’s so much to love at our new Bristol office, and we’re so excited to share it with you. No matter what changes to the treatment setting, you’ll still get the same great service you’ve come to know and love from Westfall Orthodontics. With braces and Invisalign for patients of all ages, we’re here to make Virginia smile, one tooth at a time. If you’re ready to get started with orthodontic treatment, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Westfall today!